Udhaya hastama seva

Udhaya Hastamana Seva

ऋग्भिः पूर्वान्हे दिवि देव ईयते
यजुर्वेदे तिष्ठति मध्ये अन्हः
सामवेदेनास्तमये महीयते | 

Taitriyakathaka 3rd Prasna 9th Anuvaka
It is by the Riks that the sun rises in the first part of the day, it is by Yajus that the sun stands at noon in the middle of the sky and it is by Samaveda it attains the glorious sunset. Udhayasthamana Seva provides an opportunity to pay our obeisance to our Vedamoorthi, Sri MahaPeriyava for his sustained blessings to this Universe from dawn to dusk.

Monthly $101
Quarterly $251
Semi-Annually $501
Annually $1001

Seva Details

Suprabatham 6:00 AM Veda parayanam 6:00 to 7:00 PM
Ganapathi & Avahanthi Homam 7:00 AM Pradosha kaala poojaion Pradosham days
Abhishekam & Archanai 9:00 AM Saayam kaala archanai 7:00 PM
11:30 AM Sayana Aarti & Prasadam 7:30 PM

* – only on pradosham days

One day Seva Kainkaryam is $1001

You will have the option to select a day of your choice during the calendar year. Please contact us for more info.

Your contribution will directly support the following Prasadam and services available to you
Daily temple maintenance cost for the day & priest support; Flowers & fruits for the day One-night stay at “YatriNivas” for you and your family
Annadhaanam for the day; Supplies for Abhishekam; Ghoseva; Sankalpam for you and extended family members
Portion of the contribution will also support samashti events at the temple and yearly bikshavandanam in SriMatam, Kancheepuram

Prasadam for your family includes #NambaPeriyavaKovil memento, vasthram offered to Sri MoolavarPeriyava and other daily seva prasadam