The Journey so far - Sthala Puranam of Namba Periyava Kovil


Karanam Kaaranam Kartha

It all started in 2012 where HE sowed the seed in Kanchipuram right in front of HIS Adistanam during AtiRudram conducted for Sri MahaPeriyava Jayanthi. In early 2013, the thought of bringing up HIS place of worship sprouted and ever since then every action coincidentally became a stepping stone towards that goal. Thinking retrospectively, today it gives us realization on how Sri MahaPeriyava has been reinstating that HE is indeed the “Karanam Kaaranam Kartha”.

Bajaami Sathatham Bhakthyaa  Paramacharya  Padhukaam

In September 2013, Sri Pudhu Periyava blessed the initiative by giving Sri Mukham. On 1st November 2013, HIS Uththaravu for our Sankalpam came through HIM as HE blessed HIS Sri Padhuka through Sri Mettur Swamigal. That was the very first realization of HIS visible hands blessing us all. 

Thirupugalur Thandha ThiruSengal

In June 2014, HE staged HIS next play in Thirupugalur. While Parameswaran turned bricks into gold for Sundaramurthy Swamigal, our Prathyaksha Parameswaran blessed us by getting the Holy Bricks from Thirupugalur and blessing it in HIS Adistanam along with Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal on the very auspicious day of Sri Adi Sankara Bhagavadpadal Aradhanai. While HE blessed the FIRST HOLY BRICK, Sri Pudhu Periyava blessed Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam with HIS Holy Sri Padhuka through “Dharmatma” Dr. S. (Mani) Yegnasubramanian and Sri BalaPeriyava blessed the divine initiative with HIS Anugraha Bashanam through Smt Mahalakshmi mami.

HIS Abode

In October 2015, our Prayers to find HIS Abode was answered. HE chose HIS abode in Flemington for a remarkable price and within a very short closing process. The property deed was kept in HIS Adistanam and was blessed by both Sri PudhuPeriyava and Sri BalaPeriyava.

HIS Panchaloka Vigraham

It was on Guruvaaram, April 7th 2016 (Auspicious Ugadi day), Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA was blessed with a Panchaloka MahaPeriyava Vigraham from Orikkai Manimandapam to be consecrated as Moolavar in HIS Shrine in New Jersey. On May 5th 2016, The Moolavar Periyava came to NJ and was worshipped at Skillman NJ USA until July 2021. On July 23rd 2021, “Guru Pravesam” took place and the Moolavar Periyava started blessings His devotees from the Visesha Mandapam at Namba Periyava Kovil at Flemington.

HIS Sanctum

In mid-2016, HE unveiled HIS Sanctum that HE already kept ready in early 2013. HE never gave a choice or even a chance to think and visualize HIS Sanctum only because HE had already made HIS Sanctum back in 2013. A casual call to a devotee to spread the message of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA paved way to a remarkable turn of events.

A devotee wished to build a temple for HIM in Chennai but was deferred only to discover that HE destined to build HIS granite temple in New Jersey  Thus, the whole temple (Garbha Graham, Ardha Mandapam, Vimaanam) HE made ready in the year 2013 became HIS Sanctum in NJ. 

HIS Site Plan and Bhoomi Poojai

In April 2017, Raritan Township approved the site plan of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA. On June 25th 2017, with the Blessings of our Periyava, the most auspicious milestone of this divine initiative – Bhoomi Poojai was done. Sri Bala Periyava blessed the occasion by sending Prasadam for this auspicious miletstone. 

HIS Manimandapam construction progress

With HIS blessings, the granite structures for Garbagraham, Ardha Mandapam & Vimanam manndapam arrived safely at the site chosen by HIM. The construction has been progressing significantly well with the completion of support structures for the sanctum, the priest quarters, and the community center for conducting cultural programs. The continuation of this effort even during the pandemic situation throughout 2020 is purely a testament to HIS compassionate grace for this initiative. The advent of this year 2021 began on a very auspicious and divine note for volunteers of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam as  Sri Periyava blessed us through the event, Vande Guruparamparam, a virtual tour of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA as its construction progresses. He conveyed His blessings and happiness for this initiative to serve as an infrastructure which will be looked up to by all institutions and temples across the world as a guiding force in sustaining our Sanatana Dharma. On July 23rd 2021, Sri Moolavar Periyava (to be consecrated in the Garbha Graham) made HIS PRAVESAM to the Visesha Mandapam (Sri Kamakshi Vilasam) that serves as “Balaalayam” for darshan to devotees.  The Maha Kumbabhishekam of Namba Periyava Kovil is being planned to take place on July 3rd, 4th, 5th of 2023. 

Key Initiatives

Center of Oriental Learning & Living

Sri MahaPeriyava, an embodiment of Dharma, strove to emphasize the essence of Anushtanam or practice various Dharmic ideals in our everyday life. To inculcate practice, especially among the future generation, the volunteers of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam have embarked upon on a dedicated mission called the Center of Oriental Learning and Living (COOL) in association with the Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation (IMCTF) launched on March 31st, 2019 by Sri. S.Gurumurthy, Eminent Thinker, Journalist, and Economist.

Project Prakruthi

With the blessings of our Acharyas, Namba Periyava Kovil is working religiously towards Project Prakruthi. The goal of this initiative is to carry out our duty to preserve our Mother Earth for future generations. This is the motivation to establish Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ, USA as one of a kind low-waste and a self-sustainable place of worship.

Sri Padhuka Periyava Yatra

A Sankalpam was taken to do Sri MahaPeriyava Padhukai Poojai all around USA in all 50 states, whereas HE turned it into a Maha Sankalpam and HE has been taking us all over the world. Sri MahaPeriyava Padhuka Yatra is Divine Bliss.  So far, Sri Padhuka Periyava yatra has taken place in many States within USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many cities and villages across India. Sri MahaPeriyava has been truly “taking us places” & reinstating VASUDEIVA KUDUMBAKAM.

Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam | Avahanthi Homam on Auspicious Anusham

With HIS blessings, Mahanyasa Purvaka Rudra Abhishekam is taking place since January 2015. Avahanthi Homam is done every Anusham in front of Sri MahaPeriyava Moolavar praying to HIM for the Loka Kshemam. 

Periyava Prasadam Seva

On Sri MahaPeriyava Jayanthi 2016, a Sankalpam was made to send Prasadam to all devotees in USA. What started in a small scale with 100 devotees now has raised to several thousand devotees and the testimonials received from devotees makes us spellbound knowing how Periyava touches everyone’s life in HIS own way!

Vasudeiva Kutumbakam

Apart from the board of trustees, the active volunteers, there are so many unsung souls behind this divine initiative putting their heart and soul throughout the world through their prayers, actions & monetary contributions  for Namba Periyava Kovil.

Blessings continue & Prayers continue…

Magnifying the abundant blessings that we have been bestowed with, Siva Saagaram – Chennai –  the abode of Sri Sivan SAR – Purvashrama brother of Sri MahaPeriyava, serves as an fulcrum for Namba Periyava Kovil, with volunteers from Siva Saagaram Team (SST) working on many initiatives from India . This facet in the blissful journey of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA always fills us with awe, admiring the beauty of “Thambi” Saachu (aka Sri Sivan SAR) being the guiding light for His Anna’s (Sri MahaPeriyava) temple. With the blessings of the Acharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, the blissful journey continues where HE is driving us, cleansing us and guiding us. 

Let us all pray to HIM to keep us with HIM forever and bless us to be instrumental in this Samashti Yagna – Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA – Namba Periyava Kovil.