Sangeetha Sammelanam

वीणा वादन तत्‍वज्ञ: श्रुति जाति विशारद | तालज्ञश्‍चाप्रयासेन मोक्ष मार्गम् च गच्‍छति ।।- This sloka from Yajnavalkya Smruthi extols the greatness of our traditional music by stating that “ One, who knows the intricacies of playing the Veena and is adept in Sruthi and jãthi and has a sound knowledge of Tala, effortlessly finds himself on the way to Moksha”. Sri MahaPeriyava, in Deivathin Kural extends this a step beyond and explains that our Bharathiya music has the capability to not only elevate the performer but also the listener towards this state of divine bliss.

Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam, in collaboration with Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, aims to serve as a platform to promote this divine tradition that is truly a ‘spiritual gateway to salvation’. The Sangeetha Sammelanam festival, inaugurated in 2019, hosted various vocal, instrumental, and percussion concert performances by highly accomplished musicians from India. The festival also provided a platform for budding young artists belonging to various schools of music, dance, and drama from the Tri-state region to perform and hone their artistic skills before an august gathering. The Festival committee has adjudicated the following awards to be presented annually to honor the performing artists and other eminent personalities for their service to this divine artform: Gaana Visharadha – Excellence in vocal music Naadha Visharadha – Excellence in instrumental music Taala Visharadha – Excellence in percussion. Sangeetha Raksha Mani – Excellence in service to the fine arts tradition.

Typically, Sangeetha Sammelanam is planned to be conducted few weeks before Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival every year. Please look for more information in our home page.