Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami Pooja on Jan 27th at Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA

Surya Bhagavan, who is a Pratyaksha Devata, obtained his chariot (ratha) in Magha masa on Shukla Saptami Tithi (i.e. the Saptami that occurs after Makara Amavasya) as per Chandramana and this Saptami is known as Ratha Saptami. Acts such as Snanam and Danam please Him further and they remove all kinds of poverty and yields innumerable benefits.

The Shukla Saptami in Magha masa is equivalent to Surya Grahanam in its significance. On that day, one and a half hours before Sunrise, performing Snanam grants great merit. This Snanam is traditionally performed by keeping seven calotrope leaves (arka/erukku), akshata, cow dung, Indian jujube / berfruit (elandai/badari) and Durva grass on the head and then offering Arghyam. In our Sanatana Dharma, snanam is a great boon available us to remove all our papas and to attain great prosperity. Among them, Magha Snanam is considered be of great significance according to many Puranas.

Detailed instructions are provided in different languages here by Veda Dharma Shastra Paripalana Sabha as per instructions of Sri Periyava:


Devotees can substitute the sankalpam with following details:







Shukla-Saptami:22:13  Shukla-Ashtami:

Revati:08:05  Ashvini:

Sadhyah:25:21*  Shubhah:

Garah:10:20  Vanijah:22:13  Vishtih:


Shukla-Saptami:21:13  Shukla-Ashtami:


Sadhyah:24:21*  Shubhah:

Garah:09:20  Vanijah:21:13  Vishtih:


Shukla-Saptami:20:13  Shukla-Ashtami:

Ashvini:30:34*  Apabharani:

Sadhyah:23:21  Shubhah:

Garah:08:20  Vanijah:20:13  Vishtih:


Shukla-Saptami:19:13  Shukla-Ashtami:

Ashvini:29:34*  Apabharani:

Sadhyah:22:21  Shubhah:

Garah:07:20  Vanijah:19:13  Vishtih:

At Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam, we will be offering Surya Namaskaram (Aruna Prashna Parayanam) on this auspicious day. Devotees are requested to take sankalpam and receive the blessings of our Acharya at His Sannidhi Vishesham.