Center Of Oriental Learning & Living COOL

One of the primary objectives of the Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA is Vidhya or education for a future rooted in our traditions. “Practice what you preach” goes an old adage but our Sanatana Dharma firmly believes in “Svadhyaya Pravachanecha“ Preach or propagate only that you practice.

Sri MahaPeriyava, an embodiment of Dharma, strove to emphasize the essence of Anushtanam or practice various Dharmic ideals in our everyday life. To inculcate practice, especially among the future generation, the volunteers of Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam have embarked upon on a dedicated mission called the Center of Oriental Learning and Living (COOL) in association with the Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation (IMCTF) launched on March 31st, 2019 by Sri. S.Gurumurthy, Eminent Thinker, Journalist, and Economist.

The COOL program has been conducting monthly sessions focusing on specific themes such as Diet, Astronomy, Temple Architecture. Traditional medicine, etc. to explain the significance of various practices embedded in our lifestyle by our Shastras and promote its profound importance not only for the individual but the whole community and the eco-system we are a part of. These monthly sessions are currently held in-person for better interaction and are recommended for Middle school and High school students along with their parents. With the blessings of our Acharyas, we hope to extend these sessions to interested participants around the world through our virtual learning portal. The team is very interested in collaborating with other similar dharmic ventures and will be happy to hold discussions.

Some of the COOL sessions can be found on YouTube here.

For details please contact us by email at | by phone: 1-888-SANKARA