Aardhra Darshanam

Thiruvathirai or Aardhra darshanam is celebrated in the month of Margazhi on the full moon day. According to Puranas, this denotes the day when Lord Shiva defeated the elephant and tiger sent by Rishis and wore the animal hide on his body as Krittivasa. This is also the day as Nataraja, He displayed his Thandava or cosmic dance to Sage Patanjali and Sage Vyaghrapada at Chidambaram.
Despite his majestic stature as the Raja of Chitsabha in Chidambaram, He is also an Ashutoshi (easy to be pleased) for his humble devotees. As a symbol of Him accepting Puttu (coarse flour made of finger millets) and Kali kootu, food usually consumed by economically weaker sections of the society then, as offering from a humble devotee in Chidambaram, this day is celebrated with Puttu and Kali Naivedhyam by all his devotees.
Special abhishekam and pooja will be performed on Wednesday Dec 27, 2023 for our Nadamaadum Dheivam, Sri MahaPeriyava at Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA.