To many of us, HH Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the Sage of Kanchi, also respectfully referred to as MahaPeriyava (in Tamil), the Great Acharya, is the incarnation of Iswara in human form. He touched the hearts of countless people who were fortunate to have come into contact with him while he lived. Through his voluminous teachings of Sanatana Dharma he continues to inspire the minds of many even today. With the blessings of the venerable Acharyas of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, HH Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and HH Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, devotees of MahaPeriyava in New Jersey have undertaken the initiative to bring forth a Maṇimanḍapa for the Great Acharya. This initiative which is implemented under the auspices of Sanatana Dharma Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization.

Sri Matam Blessings


This divine initiative started with a “Sankalpam” in Sri Maha Periyava Adistanam on a very very auspicious day – Ayushman Yoga, Bhava Karana, Sowmya Vara along with Sukla Paksha Panchami thithi and Anuradha Nakshatra.

As a first step, a non profit organization has been formed/restructured in NJ with few devotees of Sri Matam. Subsequently, HH Pujyasri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal gave Sri Mukham and Holy Padhuka and did anugraham for this initiative. HH Pujyasri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal gave Anugraha Bhashanam and blessed this noble cause on a very auspicious Adi Sankara Aradhana Day. First brick towards the construction of this divine shrine was obtained from Thirupugalur kshetram after taking blessings of Lord Agneeswarar, which was subsequently blessed at Mahaperiyava Adishtanam and blessed by both our acharyas.

In this effort, lots of devotees from across the world have contributed/contributing in every ways for us to get here…Our thanks to all of them… We need more of such devotees, participants to take this to the next level.

Where is this going to be?

Ideally, we want such a place in all major cities. However, it is Periyava’s decision to get this started in New Jersey.

Sri MahaPeriyava has chosen a suitable place for HIS Abode in Flemington, New Jersey… It is a 10 acres property , approved for House Of Worship. With immense prayers to our Acharyas, the land was registered on Oct 26th 2015 – coincidentally, it happened to be Sri Pradosham Mama’s Jayanthi day.

The purchase deed has been placed in Sri MahaPeriyava Adistanam seeking HIS Blessings. The purchase deed has been placed in the Sannadhi of Sri SwaminathaSwami Temple, Swamimalai. HH Sri Pudu Periyava and HH Sri Bala Periyava expressed their immense happiness and the purchase deed has been blessed by them.

What is the purpose of Sri MahaPeriyava ManiMandapam?

As HH Bala Periyava nicely said in His Anugraha Bhashanam, this will be symbol of our Sankara Guru parampara, symbol of Kanchi Matam in North American continent, place of satsang, a place for conducting all vedic and religious events as done in Kanchi Matam (Anushams, Jayanthis, Aradhana etc), a place where all Sanatana Dharma followers stand united to demonstrate and strengthen our bakthi for Sri MahaPeriyava and spread His objectives.

What does it mean to the community?

This is our project for our Beloved Guru & Guru Parampara!!! For Tri-State community, this would become a weekly devotion place with family; for visitors to NJ, this would become a must-see place during their visits. For others in US, it is still (y)our project, we need to support this great cause.

The trustees of Santana Dharma Foundation Inc. humbly request every devotee to become part of this divine project to show our “Krithignai” to Sri Maha Periyava, by their prayers and participation…

Where are we now?

Any dheiva karyam will be a testing effort before a milestone is achieved. Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam in NJ is not exempted from that . A land being procured for HIS abode is a major milestone. It is all because of Guru Katakasham and the earnest prayer and support from devotees all over the world.

The moment we made an announcement about Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam, NJ USA last year, devotees across the world from India, UK, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and many other places have been devotedly stepping forward and supporting us both through their prayers and through their financial contributions. We are spellbound looking at the support that comes from every corner of the world.

Now, we are stepping into the next level of this initiative… Architecture, Engineering and so many other processes will take place.. At this point, we call upon each and every devotee from every corner of the world to extend their “Kainkaryam” for this divine initiative in all possible ways you can.

Why is the location address not published?

With so many tasks involved in the process line, the board members are looking into every task diligently. The board is in meetings with township for plan approvals. The land being procured for this initiative is a vacant land with no parking facilities. Publishing address may create parking nuisance to the residents in that neighborhood. Until we get approval and start working on creating parking spaces to enable easy entrance and exit, the board has decided to co-ordinate with the devotees and arrange for their visit to the site if they are willing to see it. We are always available through email at and through phone at 609-456-5096 (Suri) and 609-865-3212 (Narayanan). We seek your kind co-operation and understanding in this regard.

Our Krithagnai

MahaPeriyava has been a Bala Sanyasi, HE has been a Peetadhipathi. He has been a Parivrājaka undertaking an inestimable padha-yatra across India. He has been beyond Madham, Matam, Desam, Kalam… Brahma Swaroopam He is. We all realize that HE is a “Nadamaadum Dheivam” and hence we are all here united as ONE Family joining hands to bring forth the ManiMandapam for our Guru and impart the tenets of the teachings of Sanatana Dharma to our children thereby sustaining it for posterity.

We urge everyone to render their prayers to our Acharyas for bringing MahaPeriyava to New Jersey through daily prayers. Needless to say, collective prayers have it’s own impact and positive vibration – and Yes! the Prayers of each and every devotee will help us overcome any obstacles, whatsoever.

As Baktha Prahaladhan brought Bhagavan through his intense bhakthi, let each one of us turn into Prahaladan and with fervor and devotion bring our MahaPeriyava to New Jersey to guide us in Dharmic way of living!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara