In continuation with the post A Souvenir from 1933, Sri Arutsakthi Nagarajan mama has shared the entire book named “Sadhguru Nithya Darisanam By T V Isvara Sastri” with us. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure with all devotees!!

This 80 year old book contains very rare pictures of Maha Periyava and His Divine sayings…

Click here to view ‘Sadguru Nitya Darisanam’ . – MahaPeriyava.Org

Here is a snapshot from a book “Sadguru Nitya Darisanam”  written  by Sri T V Isvara Sastri and published in 1933…

apologia in english

apologia in tamil

Courtesy: Thanks to Sri Arutsakthi Nagarajan for posting this treasure in Sage of Kanchi FB page. It would be a great experience to read the entire book (if available)!

Here is an excellent , detailed review by Sri Saptharishi on the book “Siva Saagarathil Sila Alaigal”. This 9 pages hand-written review looks like a mini book bringing out the highlights of the original book. Sri Saptharishi has highlighted the gems from most of the pages of this book. Thank you very much for such a great review Sir.



Siva Saagarathil Sila Alaigal

This slim volume is about the less known younger brother of Paramacharya. Sri Sadasivam, Sivan Sir as he was affectionately addressed, was a siddhapurusha, who captivated the hearts of a close-knit group of followers.

“He was born a Mahan,” Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati seems to have remarked. Followers of both often marvelled at the wavelength the siblings shared. They never actually thought the two were different. The author goes on to say how Sri Sivan, an ace photographer had an encyclopaedic knowledge

Sri Sivan Sir abstained from water – neither bathed nor drank a drop for years. (How can fire and water co-exist? he would laugh). He ate sparsely or not at all. Led the life of a mendicant, travelling most of the time and taking shelter in devotees’ (Padma Subrahmaniam was one of them) houses. Tiruvenkadu was his favourite halt. He indicated the passing of Paramacharya (Waking from meditation at dawn, he uttered, “The world is losing a noble soul.” The day was January 8, 1994). Sivan Sir shed his mortal coil in 1996.

Siva Saagarathil Sila Alaigal – S. Ganesa Sarma – Publisher G. Sivaraman, E-Block, Second Floor, Flat No. 1, Sri Jayendra Colony, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Kandan Chavadi, Chennai – 96. Phone 9600015230. Also contact 9443678057 and 9940552516 – Rs. 40.

Courtesy:The Hindu

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