On the occasion of the 20th Aradhana Day of HH Maha Periyava, here is a very rare video of “Kanaka Thulabaram” offered to Him on Saturday, May 15th 1993…  Blessed are not only the devotees who had anugraham to offer Thulabaram, equally blessed are we, who are able to get the glimpse of this holy scene nearly after 20 years… On this Aradhana day, such rare treasurable videos and photos of Maha Periyava makes it evident that He is Omnipresent

Generally, Thulabaram (a symbolism of offering oneself to the Lord) is where one offers a representative thing equal to His weight. In this “Kanaka Thulabaram”, With His Anugraham, “Swarnam” (Gold) equaling twice of Maha Periyava’s physical weight was offered at His Lotus Feet on the occasion of celebrating His 100th year …


We have heard about many blessed devotees who were profoundly blessed to make offerings to Maha Periyava…  Sri Joshi (Ardent Devotee of Periyava) had immense “Anugraham” to do Navarathna Archana to Periyava’s Lotus Feet;  Few other devotees were blessed to do Vilva Archana to Him…  To Periyava who had lived an open life of austerity, gold or sand is one and the same.  All such offerings are more symbolic than literal… The ultimate essence of all offerings is unconditional surrender at His Lotus Feet!

Guru Ashtakam by Adi Shankaracharya explains the need for Guru and insists that we need to attach our mind to the Guru’s Lotus Feet. Complete surrender to Guru is the path to spiritual gain, that’s the message this ashtakam (Octet) tells us all.


If the mind is not riveted in devotion to the Lotus Feet of Guru, Really of what use is all this, what use, what use?

Today being a very sacred day, let our mind steep in devotion towards the Holy Feet of Maha Periyava – A Personification of Infinite Compassion & Supreme Grace, from whom alone can flow wisdom!

Jaya Jaya Sankara … Hara Hara Sankara …

Our Nadamaadum Deivam visiting Vellore on Feb 15th 1984…

Let’s get drenched in the Absolute Divinity!!!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…

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