Few rare pictures of Sri Maha Periyava … And the 28th Ashtotram on Him seems so apt when we see Him in these pictures.Please Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

28th ashtotram

Periyava Rudraksham

sAkshAt-paraSivAmogha-darSanAya namo nama:

photo 3

Thank you very much to Smt Nagi Narayanan for posting this rare photo of Sri Maha Periyava in Sage of Kanchi FB Group. This is a very old and rarely seen photo of Sri Maha Periyava which Sri Nagi Narayanan got through a friend in Anandathandavapuram…

காமகோடி மகாபீடாதீஷ்வராய நமோ நம :

காமகோடி மகாபீடாதீஷ்வராய நமோ நம :

Description of the picture: This Gold shawl was offered by the Tanjore King Sivaji Raja II when he performed Kanakabhishekam to the Acharya of the Peetam soon after the Tatanka Prathishta at Thiruvanaikaval… The Gowri Shankar Rudraksha with Diamond pendant – a rare jewel was offered to the Acharya by the Great Maratta King Nana Saheb (Hero of the 1857 rebellion) during his brief soujorn in Nepal, immediately after the Indian Mutiny! Nana Saheb’s letter to the Acharya evidencing his acknowledgement of the receipt of Mantrakshata and Blessings from the Acharya and dispatch of Nana’s Offerings such as Rudraksha, Kasthuri Chamara etc.,was later published under the Divine orders of Sri Periyava…

*Special thanks to Sri Ganapathy Subramanian (Vanjiyur) for these details.

Periyava1914At Kumbakonam in 1914, When Periyava was 20 years old

Photo Courtesy: Sri Balaji Iyer through Face Book Sage of Kanchi Group

With His Anugraham, in today’s internet world, we are able to share and see so many rare photos of our Umaachi Thatha… There is a very special feeling that everyone can relate to when we see any of His pictures (be it rare or not) !

This 46th Ashtotram on Maha Periyava describes that “special” feeling very precisely !Ashtotaram 46

One can’t deny that it’s an universal feeling across the board for all who had His Darshan as well as for all who are being blessed to see Him through photos & videos !

Well, there is no element of surprise here as we all know our Periyava is Sarva Vyapi !!!


Periyava Charanam!


Maha Periyava and Mettur PeriyavaHH Maha Periyava Doing Oru Mani Japam…

HH Mettur Periyava (a.k.a Engineer Mettur Rajagopalan in His purvaashrama) sitting behind him (first from left)

We keep hearing many blessed devotees describing the divine sight of Maha Periyava doing his “Oru Mani Japam”… Here is one such treasurable picture of HIM…

It brings a heavy heart to see HH Mettur Periyava (A little over a month after He attained Siddhi on Deepavali Day, Nov 2nd 2013), who dedicated his life to serve Maha Periyava and given sanyasa by Him …

Photo Courtesy: Thanks to Ramesh Ramamurthy for sharing the treasure through Sage of Kanchi Face Book Group

Maha Periyava NagariSri Maha Periyava sitting on the banks of Kushasthali River at Bugga, Nagari – Andhra Pradesh State

Maha Periyava observed Chaturmasya in Bugga Village commencing from 17 July 1932. During His stay there, Sri Annapoorna Sametha Kasi Visweswara Swamy vari Temple was renovated and Kumbhabhishekam performed on a grand scale. The perennial river Kushasthali flows by the temple; and five streams (Pancha Ganga) feed the river. The temple is situated on the banks of the River Kushasthali and is located in the serene village of Bugga, near Nagari in Andhra Pradesh. The previous Kumbhabhishekams were performed in the years 1932 and 2000. This year, the Ashtabandhana Maha Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Annapoorna Sametha Kasi Visweswara Swamy vari Temple, Bugga was conducted from Oct 21. 2013 through 23 Oct. 2013. Adjoining the temple, under the guidance of Maha Periyava, Sankara Matam was built and the holy padukas of Bhagavatpadacharya were consecrated.

An online book detailing His Holiness’ stay in Bugga in 1932 is available below. Rare Photos of Bugga temple Kumbabhishekam below are from the same book… Book Courtesy: www.kamakoti.org



Book Chronicle of H.H. Pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarasawthi Mahaswamiji's Chaturmasyam at Chittoor in 193… by MahaPeriyava.Org


This photo has an importance. Periyava’s meela-adimai Sri Pradosham Mama once wanted to offer maximum flower decoration to MahaPeriyava and spent quite some effort to do this and pleaded to MahaPeriyava to sit on this and adorn all these. He gladly accepted and gave this prathyega pose for camera. He has a mudra on His hand, that is considered auspicious to bring all the luck and blessings. This is reasonably a high-resolution image. This is a very popular among Sri Pradosham mama devotees.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

Courtesy: http://mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/pushpa-alankaram-for-bhoolokha-chakravarthi/


mahaperiyava_2    Periyava periyava2  Periyava_Bless mahaperiyava_1


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