Thanks to Sri Mahesh Krishnamoorthy for capturing Sri Ramani Bagavathar’s experiences with MahaPeriyava. Sri Ramani mama and his entire family are great devotees of Mahaperiyava and staunch followers of Sri Kanchi Matam.

This was not exactly an interview – this was a combination of personal experience and some pravachanam …

Some of the highlights:

  • Mama is blessed to see Periyava in samadhi state – one of the few to see probably
  • Breaking His vow of silence for mama’s song on Dakshinamurthy
  • Spontaneously composing a stuthi on Periyava that was approved by Him is the link to song
  • Periyava as Vaideeswaran
  • Periyava as vittal to another devotee
  • Why go to mosque when we have all mantras?
  • Mama and HH Pudhu and Bala Periyava

One more incident that mama did not cover in the interview.  He mentioned later … Apparently this was told by HH Pudhu Periyava to mama.

“During early days of Pudhu Periyava, once Mahaperiyava fell sick due to stomach pain….He was suffering a lot….Pudhu Periyava could not see the sufferings and started doing some japam and transferred the stomach pain to a dharbai…..Dharbai started to jump up and down…After seeing this Mahaperiyava hurriedly said, “what are you doing? we are not here for doing these things….do not do these anymore…I have taken this body and let me go through all these sufferings…”

As you can see from his talk, he consistently samarpans  all his success, fame, well-being to Periyava….

A Tribute to HH Mettur Swamigal on His first aradhanai day…

 A devotee was standing for Periyava darshan. He had a photo in his hand. Photo of another ‘Thuravi’. Some devotees think when we’ve Periyava , it is idiotic to think of someone else. This devotee goes to Sri Matam very frequently but somehow heard about the other ‘Thuravi’ & want to show His picture to Periyava & get his blessings.

In a way, he wants to know whether the photo of the “Thuravi” can be kept in his home. Periyava looked at the devotee and the photo in his hand.

A smile blossomed at Periyava’s face…  “அந்த புன்சிரிப்பு… அது மலரும் போது… அது… அதோட அழகு… சொல்லிப் புரியாது…” (“Andha punsirippu… Adhu malarum poadhu… Adhu… Adhoda azhagu… solli puriyaadhu…”) Quite a few senior devotees used to say.

periyava smile

Periyava smiled & asked a question… “அது யார் தெரியுமா?”.  (“Adhu yaar theriyumaa?”) Now the devotee got some confidence. He noded with excitement. Periyava continued, “அவன் என் தம்பி டா!” (“Avan en thambi daa!”). Yes. It was Sri Sivan Sar’s Photo & it was Bombay Dyeing Sri Ramanan who was holding it.

periyava and sar

He was convinced that Periyava has approved the photo… So a new question came on top of his mind… Is it ok to keep the photo in the pooja ; if so where to keep it?

When Periyava knows everyone & everything, there is no need to ask. Periyava said, “இந்த போட்டோ-வை உன் பூஜை ரூம்-இல் என் போட்டோ எங்க மாடியிருக்கியோ அது பக்கத்துல வை!” (“Indha photo-vai un pooja room-il en photo enga maatiyirukkiyo adhu pakkathula vai!”)

Sri Ramanan was even more excited. Since then his darshan of Sri Sivan sar  became very frequent. Sri Sar was in Chennai. So whenever Sri Ramanan wants to have darshan of Periyava, first he’ll ask the ‘anugraham’ from Sri Sar. Whenever Sri Sar blesses “Innaikku Nalla Darsinam”, he’ll get a very good darshan of Periyava.

One day, Sri Ramanan asked Sri Sar something that is too difficult: Periyava’s paduka!

Sri Sar said, “உனக்கு தங்க பாதுகையே கிடைக்கும் போ!” (“Unakku thanga padukaiye kidaikum po!”) Usually, ‘mara padugai’ is only offered & used. Rarely, Silver ‘Paduka’ and rarest of rare ‘Dhandha Padigai’ are seen. Almost no one has seen a ‘Thanga Padugai’. Not just with Periyava but even otherwise. So how is it possible get rarest of rarest of rare, especially in a time when even ‘mara padugai’ is difficult to get from Periyava?

Well, when Almighty blesses, what is impossible becomes possible! Next time, when Sri Ramanan went for Periyava darshan, a lady came there (look at the timing!) saying she had a dream in which Periyava came & asked for a Padugai. So she brought a small parcel. Anukka Thondar opened it and was surprised. It was a ‘Padugai’ made of ‘Thangam’. Almost no one has seen before. That lady says Periyava has asked for ‘Thanga Padukai’! So she has brought one. She did namaskarams & left. Periyava called Sri Ramanan & gave him one piece. Sri Anukka Thondar pleaded that Periyava has to bless Sri Ramanan with the other one too. Sri Ramanan has realized that it is Sri Sivan Sar’s anugraham & prayed to him mentally. After sometime, Sri Ramanan was blessed with the other Padhugai as well!

When Pundits say, Sri Sar  &  Periyava both are Parabrahma swaroopam, both are THE same. One of the greatest devotee of Periyava, Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal who couldn’t travel to Periyava’s camp or Kanchipuram that often, referred to Sri Sar as, “பெரியவா எனக்காக எடுத்து கொண்ட இன்னொரு ரூபம்!” (“Periyava enakagha eduththu konda inoru roopam!”) …

Today, Sri Sivan Sar’s Jayanthi is being celebrated in a grand manner.


On this day, Koti Koti Namaskarams to those Parabrahma Swaroopigal!

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Article Courtesy: Thanks To Sri.Rathinam for this post.

On the occasion of Sri Sivan Sar Jayanthi, Sri Venkatraman speaks about how privileged he has been in this life to have served Sri Sivan Sar from an young age and reveals little known facets of Sri Sivan Sar.


The Supreme power emphasizes His Supreme Presence & Grace through Divine Interventions kalpa after kalpa…

Attimes, most significant happenings come through most insignificant people… Or most insignificant species make the whole world turn back at it through a most significant happening…

In Treta Yuga, Lord Rama turns a “Darbai Pul” (grass) into Brahmastra to punish Kakasura… In Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna lifts the Govardhana Mountain by his little finger… In Kali Yuga, there are many such divine plays that reinstates the divinity…

Be it Maha Kavi Kalidasa – a humble shepherd who was rearing his sheeps turned into Maha Kavi and writes Shyamala Dandakam , perhaps the greatest stotra written by him eulogizing the Mother Goddess Shyamala…

Be it ‘Mooka kavi’ – a speech impaired person from birth. He was regularly visiting ‘Kamakshi’ temple and was prostrating before the goddess. One day He saw the lips of the goddess and after that he started to speak and wrote ‘Mooka Pancha Sati’. This ‘mooka kavi’ later became one of the Acharyas of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

Such “Divine Interventions” repeat itself at various times in various places…

Maha Periyava and His Divine Interventions is neither less intriguing nor less astonishing!

Dr.Badrinath wanted a portable CT Scan machine delivered from USA to Kanchipuram to check on Periyava’s health. He calls Mr.Prakash and asks him to do the needful saying “The Divine Force” will guide you… Mr.Prakash being a common man just like us was puzzled yet believed on the “Divine Force”… Spicing up the situation are the factors like :

– the on-going Iraq War at that time
– Holiday Season in USA (Dec 25 – Jan 1) when most of the operations are dormant..

Yet, Mr.Prakash calls on the leading manufacturing companies of Portable CT Scan machine and surprisingly gets call from the CEO’s of the companies directly within 24 hours, he then calls the White House and within minutes gets a call back from the Army General… How is this even possible?

This is not a single instance… We have come across many such Divine acts…

Sri Vikku Vinayakaram mama started as a Ghatam Vidwan doing “Upa Pakka Vaadhyam” for many concerts. With Maha Periyava Anugraham, an accompaniment artist created a revolution in the field of percussion through Ghatam and became a Maestro giving a world renowned recognition to “Ghatam” – the most ancient percussion instruments of
South India!!! He became a Grammy Award–winning Indian percussionist… Periyava’s blessings yields him award after award (PadmaSri, Padma Bhushan…) year after year…

Smt Mahalakshmi mami comes from a middle-class family. She is a retired school librarian. She has done Punarudaaranams & Kumbabishekams of many temples and continues such a significant task crossing ocean of hurdles…

Sri Sivaraman , a humble devotee of Sri Maha Periyava & Sri Sivan Sar – He who brought hundreds of divine experiences of MahaPeriyava to our household… A man behind the camera yet very close to the heart of many devotees who talk about the unexplainable impacts that his videos have created…

Sri Venkatarama Iyer , an employee in railways, believed our Maha Periyava as Pratyaksha Parameswara and hence never failed to have darshan of Him during Pradosham, every fortnight, for many years, wherever His Holiness was camping at that time. He was affectionately called as Pradosham Mama by fellow devotees . “Kanchi Mahaswami Satabdhi Mani Mandapam” – Pradhosham Mama’s dream Project turned into a concrete (or rather Granite) reality. It is one of the greatest architectural marvel in this century adorning “Orikkai” – a village few kilometers away from Kanchipuram …

If we keep thinking, the list could grow endlessly… There are so many insignificant devotees who have been instrumental in doing so many significant tasks through His grace…

How are these things possible?

Guru Kataksham … Guru Kataksham and nothing more!

“Three great and rare opportunities or boons are obtained only by the grace of the Lord; the first is birth as human; the second is the desire to know the truth; and the third is obtaining a great man as one’s guru.” So says Sankara in the opening verses of his Vivekachudamani (“The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination”)

दुर्लभं त्रयमेवैतत् दैवानुग्रहहेतुकम्
मनुष्यत्वं मुमुक्षुत्वं महापुरुषसंश्रयः
– विवेकचूडामणि

durlabhaM trayamevaitat daivaanugrahahetukam
manuShyatvaM mumukShutvaM mahaapuruShasaMshrayaH
– vivekachUDaamaNi

Guru is an infinite ocean of mercy, that His Kripa showers upon all seekers whether they are worthy or unworthy, whether they are qualified or not !!!

“Guru Kripa” is a blissful factor that will enable the aspirants to seek and to attain Jnana. Whether the disciple does sadhana or not, whether one is deserving or undeserving, “Guru Kripa” sets aside all normal laws that operate in the spiritual plane and takes one to transcendental bliss.

What does it matter if a man is important in many ways? Of what use is it if his mind is not bound to the lotus feet of his Guru? Let us all surrender ourselves to His Holy Feet and yearn for our Guru’s Kripai to be “instrumental” in His divine acts !!!

The intense ‘Bhakthi’ and spirit of ‘Surrender’ to MahaPeriyava of Sri ‘Kili’ (Parrot) Srinivasan of Ganapathy Agraharam as narrated by his daughter, Kumari Hema


Sri. Sriram Sthanu lives in Illinois… He has been blessed with Maha Periyava Darshan in his dream on Sunday, Sep 14th 2014 morning… What a dream … What a darshan… What a blessing !!!

52nd Ashtotram

It is very touching to hear about Sriram’s dream in his own voice! He has shared his experience in the youtube video here…

Let us all pray to Sri Periyavas to make our dream of bringing forth Sri Maha Periyava Mani Mandapam in New Jersey come true!!!

Audio Courtesy: Thank you very much Sriram for sharing your dream with us…

MahaPeriyava not only gave the ‘Shakthi’ to Srimathi Alamelu Aachi to complete the construction of the beautiful ‘Arupadai Murugan’ Temple in Besant nagar, Chennai, but also Blessed her ‘unakku Marupirappu Illai” (‘you have no rebirth’).
What more does anyone require from this life?
Here, is her thrilling experiences in her own words !!!

Sri Mahaperiyava was walking along the fields. Everyone were worried and requested Him to walk in the roadside as lot of thorns were in the pathway of the field. Sri Periyava didn’t listen.

Bombay Nagalakshmi mami (sister of Sri Ponds mama) an ardent devotee of Sri Periyava came for Darshan. Saw the plight of the devotees and Sri Periyava’s “Pidivatham”. Immediately she started “Anga Pradakshinam” in front of Sri Periyava in the field pathway so that the thorns wouldn’t hurt Sri Periyava. Sri Periyava immediately took the road side. Maanikavasagar Peruman’s “அழுதால் உன்னைப் பெறலாமே” seems very apt here…

Sri krishna gave up His vow not to hold weapon for the sake of His devotee Bhishmaacharya …Our Periyava gave up His “Pidivatham” for the sake of His devotee.

May be it is His leelai to show His devotee’s bhakthi to the world.

தேவாரம் – எட்டாம் திருமுறை – 05 திருச்சதகம் – பாடல் எண் : 90

யானேபொய் என்நெஞ்சும் பொய் என்அன்பும்
ஆனால் வினையேன் அழுதால் உன்னைப்
தேனே அமுதே கரும்பின் தெளிவே
மானே அருளாய் அடியேன் உனைவந்

பொழிப்புரை :
இறைவனே! நானும் என் மனம் முதலியனவும் பொய்ம்மையுடையவர்கள் ஆனோம். ஆனால் அழுதால் உன்னைப் பெறலாமோ? தேனே! அமுதே! கரும்பின் தெளிவே! நான் உன்னைப் பெறும் வழியை எனக்கு அறிவித்தல் வேண்டும்.

Article Courtesy: Thanks to Mr.G Sivaraman for this narrative…

Sri Veezhinathan Mama was a Professor in Madras University… He was giving discourses on Srimad Ramayana. Sri TMP Mahadevan appreciated that & asked him to continue every week. Sri Veezhi Mama was bit worried about quality of delivering such discourses. Mama used to have darshan of Sri Maha Periyava frequently and also interact with HIM a lot.

Once while having HIS darshan, mama expressed his concern to Periyava and asked Periyava about His opinion on Mama’s Ramayana discourse, Periyava said…

“நண்ணா பண்ணேன்!” Also added, “நீ சொல்லி முடிச்சவுடனே எல்லோரும் கை தட்டுவா. மாலை போடுவா. உனக்கு தலை கிர்ர்ர்னு சுத்தும். அப்புறம் படிப்பு வராது!”. Mama was confused whether to continue or not and looked at Periyava for solution and Periyava has continued…

“நீ, என்ன பண்ணு… எல்லாத்தையும் எனக்கு சமர்ப்பணம் பண்ணிடு!” Mama got relieved and took the word from Periyava and continued the discourses. Sri Vezzhi Mama has since then continue these discourse, but he always does his Samarpanam to Periyava…

Let’s take this incidence as a great guidance given to us by Sri Maha Periyava through Veezhi mama to avoid the great slip of having pride & getting our ego swollen. Whatever we do, let everything be a ‘samarpan’ to Sri MahaPeriyava…

Article Courtesy: Thanks to Sri Rathinam for sharing the subtle messages that are hidden in such treasurable videos…

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