Ãchārya’s Call

“Resigning oneself to the dispensation of God is the essence of absolute surrender or śaraṇāgati (शरणागित). We will be free from evil thoughts hereafter only by bhakti or devotion, that is to say, by devoting every free moment of ours to His thought or repeating His name or listening to His glories. While śaraṇāgati helps to “write off” past papa-s, bhakti alone will keep our minds sway from papa. The heart has to be kept clean through bhakti so that the full effect of His presence there may be realized. In the ultimate analysis, surrender and devotion are the two facets of the same thing. In this life, all householders are engaged in various occupations necessary to maintain themselves. While so engaged, their minds will be concentrating on their work. But it is during their leisure that their minds are likely to go astray. This leisure must be utilized in developing bhakti, through various processes like nāma japa (repeating God’s name), satsanga (keeping holy company), satkathāśravaṇa (listening to Lord’s glory), pūjā (worship), etc. The idea is to somehow keep our thoughts engaged on God. We should have no occasion to commit papa through mind, eyes, ears and speech. Let us, in this way, strive to pursue the path of surrender and devotion and earn the grace of God.” Pūjyaśrī Chandraśekharendra Sarasvatī Svāmigal, February 28, 1958. (Ref: “ chārya’s Call; Madras Discourses, 1957-60, Part I. Publishers: Sri Kamakoti Peetam,1995.)