“I Lived With God” – A Personal experience with Maha Periyava penned by Dr. Sundararaman is one of the soul touching articles that bring down tears in many of us…

Here is an informal video recorded on the auspicious day of Maha Periyava Aradhanai on Jan 8th 2013. Sorry for the vertical video syndrome. It is a great blessing to travel back in time along with mama to his days with Maha Periyava and hear him say it all… Kindly bare with the background noise and low audibility as the video was a spontaneous recording and not a planned event.


While many of us are yearning for “Unconditional Surrender” at our Guru’s feet, Jaya Patti is “Periyava Bhakthi Personified”… She would continue to remain in our hearts forever making us admire her “Guru Bhakthi”

jaya patti

Patti at the age of 98 has attained the lotus feet of Sri Maha Periyava today (July 12th 2014) on Guru Poornima Day ! “Gurunatha… Gurunatha…” is the last word she uttered. Today, while listening to her son giving her a commentary about the Sri Matam Vyasa Pooja as they occur, She peacefully reached Maha Periyava…

Patti’s Experience With Maha Periyava can be viewed here:

Dr.R.Ganesh states that it was his privilege to have been a ‘sishya’ of Sri Maharajapuram Santhanam..His narration of the experiences of Sri Santhanam and himself with Mahaperiyava.

Sri Pattabi is one among the very few ‘Privileged’ people to have served Mahperiyava as his ‘Anukkath Thondar’ (personal aide).Some of his experiences……

Shri Ganapathy mama is the brother Professor Sundaraman, author of “I lived with God”, who lives here in NJ, USA. Shri Ganapathi mama has been associated with Sri matham and Periyava since his very young age. He shares his experience::

1. Part of Periyava’s High Command team
2. Periyava’s anger and punishment
3. Karma and its effect on Periyava Himself
4. Periyava’s headache – similar to Sri Appaya Dikshitar’s stomach pain
5. Kaalagraha vaasam horoscope for Periyava – explains the structure of Thenambakkam room
6. Cho family’s bakthi towards Periyava
7. The art/beauty of applying viboothi
8. 2-photos

Sri Vidyarthi Narayanan, father of Mr. Rajaraman, had come into Periyava’s ‘fold’ when he was about eleven years old..
Thus began the family’s experiences with Periyava

This video tells us another devotee who has been blessed with chakra regai darshanam of Periyava’s Padham.

Udayarpalayam Samasthanam is equally or even more important than other samasthanams when it comes to their contribution to Kanchi Matam and our religion.  Their contribution is something we should remember for our life time. Without them, we would have lost our Gods/Goddesses….

  1. Protection to Kanchi Kamakshi, Chidambaram Natarajar & Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal under one roof during Muslim invasion
  2. How Periyava surprised them with vaideekas during kumbabishekam
  3. His thatha’s viswasam to Kanchi Matam
  4. Periyava’s respect to our king
  5. Periyava’s gift of a baby elephant to samasthanam
  6. Photo of Periyava sitting in the mandapam in the theppakulam
  7. Periyava’s respect for other matams…

By now we have seen so many videos. It is beyond clear that Periyava had remembered each and everyone who have contributed to our matam till His last breath and have taken care of them. This video is yet another example.

It is beyond sadness to see how a glorious majesty has fallen down to ruins  - too pathetic. Until I talked to Shivaraman, I thought they are living elsewhere and came to this place for interview. Shockingly, they are living in this ruined place as they have no other place to go..What a downfall!

This is yet another proof for all of us – nothing is permanent in this world. Whether we are rich or poor, let us stay the same, have more bakthi towards Ishwaran and leave the rest to them. Periyava only knows why they are suffering. Regardless, we all are indebted this samasthanam for our lifetime and have to absolutely pray to Periyava, Kamakshi, Nataraja and Perumal to rescue this family from their poverty. He is a karunamurthi and He will save these people soon.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


In this final part, Sri Ravi, talks about Pradhosham mama’s efforts to build the Orikkai Manimantapam for MahaPeriyava and the four ‘Mahaangal’

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