Paramacharya-Almighty's Will

A Divine Intervention

The Supreme power emphasizes His Supreme Presence & Grace through Divine Interventions kalpa after kalpa… Attimes, most significant happenings come through most insignificant people… Or most insignificant species make the whole world turn back at it through a most significant happening… In Treta Yuga, Lord Rama turns a “Darbai Pul” (grass) into Brahmastra to punish Kakasura… In Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna lifts the Govardhana Mountain by his little finger… In Kali Yuga, there are many such divine plays that reinstates […]

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Pūjyaśrī Chandraśekharendra Sarasvatī Svāmigal Maṇimanḍapa Sandeśam

Sri Gurubhyo Namah The Board of Sanatana Dharma Foundation Inc is very pleased to invite everyone to a special occasion that has been planned to announce the initiative to bring forth a Maṇimanḍapa For His Holiness Chandraśekharendra Sarasvatī Svāmigal (68th Śankarāchārya of Kānci Kāmakoṭi Pīṭha) in New Jersey. On this occasion, there will be a Muthuswami Dikshitar Aradhana Concert by Sri Prasanna Venkatesh/Smt Radhika Mani/Sri Kumar Kanthan. Please view the invitation below: Pūjyaśrī Chandraśekharendra Sarasvatī Svāmigal Maṇimanḍapa Sandeśam We are very […]

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41 Mahaperiyava Deekshanya Paarvai3 B&W Painting 08092014

Maha Periyava Deekshanya Paarvai – Magnificient Painting by Umesh

Maha Periyava Deekshanya Paarvai Thanks to Sri Umesh Sadasivam for sharing this Magnificent Painting with us… The painting aptly describes this 24th Ashtotram of Sri Maha Periyava

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Sri Maha Periyava Mani Mandapam – NJ

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Periyava Darshanam

தெளிவு குருவின் திருமேனி காண்டல்

தெளிவு குருவின் திருநாமம் செப்பல்

தெளிவு குருவின் திருவார்த்தை கேட்டல்

தெளிவு குருஉரு சிந்தித்தல் தானே.


October 2014
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As we all continue to be in Sri Sivan Sar Smaranai on the very auspicious day of His Jayanthi, here is a divine treat from Sri.Umesh Sadasivam… Every time he does a painting, there is so much of anticipation and curiosity that comes to our mind thinking of what’s special this time! Today, Umesh Sadasivam surprises us by rendering a special painting of Sri Sadasivam (Sri Sar)… He hasn’t used his canvas or paint… He has used Microsoft Paint to […]

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Heartfelt thanks to Swathi Soft Solutions for arranging a live webcast of Sri Sivan Sar Jayanthi that is currently being celebrated in Ramakrishna Mission Matric School – T.Nagar this evening. Here is the link for the live streaming… Video Courtesy: Sri Sivan Sar Jayanthi 2014

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 A devotee was standing for Periyava darshan. He had a photo in his hand. Photo of another ‘Thuravi’. Some devotees think when we’ve Periyava , it is idiotic to think of someone else. This devotee goes to Sri Matam very frequently but somehow heard about the other ‘Thuravi’ & want to show His picture to Periyava & get his blessings. In a way, he wants to know whether the photo of the “Thuravi” can be kept in his home. Periyava […]

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On the occasion of Sri Sivan Sar Jayanthi, Sri Venkatraman speaks about how privileged he has been in this life to have served Sri Sivan Sar from an young age and reveals little known facets of Sri Sivan Sar.

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ஸதாசிவப்ரம்மேப்யோ நம: Sri Sivan Sar was born as Sadasiva Sastri on 3.10.1904 to the same divine parents who gave Kanchi Maha Periyava to the world. Sri Sar Jayanthi falls on Friday, Oct 17th 2014. Please see the below invite… பிறர் மனம் நோகாமல் நடத்தல், எளிமையான நேர்மையான இல்வாழ்க்கை, வாயால் பொய் பேசாதிருத்தல். இம்மூன்றையும் கடைபிடித்தாலே ஒருவன் கடைத்தேறுவது திண்ணம்! – சத்குரு ஸ்ரீ சிவன் சார்

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Bhaghirathi paatti has had Periyava ‘Dharisanam’ from an young age.She has performed ‘Pada Poojai’ to Periyava says that she does not need anything else having seen the ‘Jyothi’ that is Periyava.This emotional interview is presented in the same sequence as it was recorded and therefore there will be some repetitive references of her experiences

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